Afforestation in the Metropolitan Montreal Area : Phase 2 (2014)


Hectares Reforested

38 500

Planted Trees

19 350

Tonnes of CO2 will be sequestrated

The project is located in the Greater Montreal area, in the province of Quebec, in eastern Canada. With a population of more than 3.8 million, it is a densely populated region, the second largest city in Canada and the seventh largest in North America. The strategic location of the island of Montreal on the fertile soils of the St. Lawrence River and the St. Lawrence Lowlands made it an ideal place for European settlement around the 17th century. Upon arrival, the settlers discovered a rich and diverse forest cover around Montreal due to fertile soils and a warm climate. However, the increase in population required more agriculture and forests were gradually replaced by cultivated land and pastures. After the Second World War, urban sprawl transformed additional agricultural and forest land. Today, forests represent 13% of the 3,800 km2 of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC), while crops / pastures and urban development represent 54% and 20% respectively.

The project includes five afforestation sites located on the north and south shores of Montreal. Phase 2 of the project, completed in 2014, resulted in the planting of 38,500 trees, of six different species, on a total area of 32.44 hectares.

Project Status

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Essential Elements


Montréal, QC, Canada

Project Type:

Tree Planting

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Rainforest Alliance

Project Start Date:

Phase 2 : 2014