Bamboo Tierra Nueva – Tikimul : Phase 1 (2019)


Hectares to be reforested

40 000

Bamboos to be planted

50 000

Tonnes of CO2 to be sequestrated has chosen a two-hectare site located near the Tikimul preschool, primary and secondary school, specialized in agriculture, to build its nursery. Currently, the nursery houses 100,000 bamboo plants, but has been designed to reach a maximum capacity of 400,000 plants.

The Phase 1 plantation, which represents a total of 40,000 bamboo plants, will be composed of several types of bamboos native to the region, but also 10% of indigenous trees, allowing biodiversity, creating forest corridors and preventing monoculture. On some sites, our forest management plan provides for the incorporation of crops already in place in the region in order to make the agroforestry project sustainable. In addition to actively working to combat climate change and improve terrestrial life, Phase 1 of the project aims to develop local communities in Mexico by providing economic and social opportunities.

Starting in 2020, our company will organize student exchanges between Mexico and Canada to promote the transfer of knowledge between the two countries. In order to demonstrate that our company is involved with local communities, we have symbolically planted 100 bamboos around the Tikimul preschool, primary and secondary school. Following this planting, educational workshops will be given on the benefits of reforestation, the sequestration of CO2 by the tree and the cultivation of bamboo.

The project includes five afforestation sites located on the north and south shores of Montreal. Phase 2 of the project, completed in 2014, resulted in the planting of 38,500 trees, of six different species, on a total area of 32.44 hectares.

Project Status

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Essential Elements


Tikimul, Campeche, Mexico

Project Type:

Tree Planting

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Project Validation:

GFA Certification GmbH (targeted)

Project Start Date:

Phase 1 : 2019